Our Mandate

The formal mandates of Local Authorities are derived from the Local Government Act No. 281 of the Laws of Zambia and the various statutes. Section 61 of the Local Government Act list 63 functions of Local Authorities whose details are given in the second schedule of the Act.

  • The following are the overall functions of Local Authorities:
  • Maintain law and order and effective administration of Local Authorities to ensure national security;
  • Control the keeping and movement of livestock, slaughtering of animals, sale of meat and enforce the disposal of diseased animals carcasses or meat which is unfit for human consumption;
  • Take measures for storage, market and preservation of agricultural produce and prevention of agricultural produce, conservation of natural resources and prevention of soil erosion;
  • Control the manufacture, storage, sale and use of petroleum, fireworks gas and other combustible or dangerous substance;
  • Provide and maintain supplies of clean water and establish water works and water mains;
  • Construct and maintain public roads, streets, sanitary lanes, bridges and water courses and remove all obstacles thereof;
  • Establish and maintain sanitation and drainage systems to facilitate the removal of refuse and effluent;
  • Provide for the registration of births, marriage, deaths, clubs and enumeration of persons or property connected with the administration of Council areas;
  • Establish and maintain colleges, schools and day nurseries;
  • Prepare and administer schemes for community participation in development;
  • Establish and maintain a system of street lighting and in public places;
  • Establish and maintain fire fighting and prevention services in order to protect life, property and natural resources from damage by fire;
  • Control persons and premises engaged in manufacturing, preparations, storage handling, sale or distribution of food or drink including intoxicating substances;
  • Prohibit and control the use of land and erection of buildings in the interest of public health, safely and orderly development of the Council area;
  • Demolish or remove buildings which are a danger to public health or safety and do not conform to plans and specifications approved by the Councils;
  • Establish and maintain public amenities such as parks, zoos, gardens, pleasure grounds, camping grounds, caravan sites and an open spaces;
  • Establish and maintain hospitals, clinics, health centres and environmental and health services; and