The District

Limulunga is one of the sixteen (16) districts in Western Province. Previously it exited as Luena constituency under Mongu district and was declared autonomy in 2013. The district covers an area of about 392,936.2 hectares and has thirteen wards, namely; Nangula, Simaa, Mabili, Namboma, Ushaa, Limulunga East, Limulunga West, Ikwichi, Ndanda, Makuku, Ituku, Sitoya and Miulwe. The District’s administrative center is in Kate, Ushaa Ward. Limulunga district is also home to the Litunga, King of the Lozi people of western Zambia.

The geographic co-ordinates of Limulunga district are 15’’ 6’’ 0’ South, 23’’ 9’’ 0’ East. It lies on the high ground at the edge of the Barotse floodplain of the Zambezi River 20km north of Mongu town and shares the Zambezi River with Kalabo on the Western side. It also shares its boundaries with Lukulu and Mitete district on the North, Kaoma district on the Eastern side and Mongu on the Southern side.

Population and Economic Activity

Limulunga District has an estimated total area of 3,929.20 square kilometres. The Census of Population undertaken by the Central Statistics Office in 2022 revealed that the population of Limulunga district had reached 61,102 people, with a growth rate of 1.6%, of which 29, 408 are males and 31, 694 are females with a total of 10,180 households. The recent estimated population stood at 61,102.

Limulunga District with enhanced socio-economic development status by 2030

To provide services of excellence to the community in a transparent and accountable manner through enhanced public, private sector, civil society and NGOs participation.