On the 26th of July 2022, Limulunga Town Council has signed five (5) contracts with different companies in a bid to implement approved community projects using the 2021 Constituency Development Funds (CDF).

The Council Secretary Mr. Kaonga Namenda has since congratulated the contractors for emerging the best evaluated bidders for the following projects.
1. Renovation of SAA Kuta
2. Construction of 1x 2 CRB at Nañoko Primary School in Limulunga East ward
3. Construction of 1×2 CRB at Mulumba Community School in Ituku ward.
4. Construction of 1×2 CRB at Ichimba Community School in Sitoya Ward.
5. Rehabilitation of 1×2 CRB at Macuu Primary School of Ikwichi Ward, and
6. A Staff House at Sikusi Primary School of Sitoya Ward.
Mr. Namenda has advised the companies to complete the projects on time and adhere to the provisions of the signed contracts.
He has also called for community support as the companies execute the approved works for the development of Luena Constituency.
Mr. Namenda said the Local Authority does not expect poor workmanship, adding that delivery of quality works will significantly add value to the projects.
The signing ceremony was witnessed by senior members of staff who included the District Planning Officer and Procurement Officer among others.